I lived in NL on a Resident Permit with my family from Feb’14 till Dec’16 (2 yrs & 8 mths) and I came back to India as my first assignment was completed (deregistered from Gemeente). Yes you can apply for both. Others, as stated before, will have to make a choice sooner or later. Ali. If it is ICT visa, I think you have to travel and come back. With a Dutch passport, it is also possible to move and reside freely within other countries of the European Union. Yes. For everyone else little will change — so don’t worry too much just yet! If you become a Dutch citizen, your minor children can also automatically become Dutch citizens. The prerequisites for citizenship and PR are same – only that PR takes about 2 months to arrive from the time you apply for it while the passport will take about 1 year. You can visit most countries in the world without needing a visa. Pls repond, this will be of great importance to us. My question is, is there any rule or condition that he cannot be in Netherlands after 10years [calculating his stay from 2009 till now?] Travel Benefits. Could you please tell us how long the application took for you for naturalization? The agreement makes it easier to qualify for benefits by letting you add together your social security credits in both countries. Will this be an obstacle to apply for Dutch passport ? As long as your stay was legal even when switching jobs, I see no reason. Does PR give the right to work anywhere in EU without restrictions? When asked why it is still “in progress”, then they give a standard reply that the official time limit is 6 months ! My husband got a job in another country. I am thinking of applying for PR and Passport in NL. Has anyone recently applied and received a Permanent residence? With dual citizenship, you can receive the benefits and privileges from both nations. Personal appearance is needed at the city hall but that is for application process and your dutch skills will not be tested. If you qualify they will pay into any bank account anywhere, one a month, once a quarter or even once a year. Is the pay decent? call and postpone. If you have been living in Netherlands for last 5 years (continuously), you become eligible for ‘Permanent Resident’ and/or Dutch citizenship. I have no clue about this. We have a comfortable life here but the research project I am getting is really good. you said it is ok to leave for 12 month, is that mean i just need back to Netherlands every 12 month for few days then my PR will still be valid? Can you please let me know? Since 2003 Dutch citizens living abroad have been allowed to take another nationality and remain a Dutch citizen PROVIDED they take the nationality of their spouse or partner (m-m, f-f, m-f). My question is; If one attains Permanent Residence from Netherlands and then lose their job, is the permanent residency revoked? I have just completed my inburgeren exams. during my absence , do I still need to pay for the tax (from city hall) and the health insurance? My question, i am working in NL since 4 years, from as a stationed employee so my HR is in India company. This depends on how long you have lived in the Netherlands legitimately. I have accepted an offer for permanent job in Almere area on HIghly Skilled Migrant Visa. This structure means that each state has some different laws and regulations relating to immigration and citizenship. You can’t even open up a bank account so that the government can put your “pension” in local currency.Now they have to go through the trouble to make the money over in foreign currency (we are talking here about only 80 Euro a month) Maybe somebody can explain more benefits to me, beside voting. Read More ︱Rutte Rules Out Dual Citizenship For Dutch in Brexit Britain. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. This means you will be informed of having to make a choice — do you wish to remain or become a Dutch citizen, keeping your benefits and passport, or will you renounce it for your new/old nationality and lose them but keep your ‘current’ rights and benefits there? Thankyou , The information on this website and the IND website is a summary of current Dutch nationality law. Obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship, “What’s in it for me?” and “Sounds good, but how much does it cost?”…. Not that I plan on doing anything about that. Better to call Indian embassy for confirmation. Only once you have become a Dutch citizen, you can then request for a Dutch passport or identity document from the municipality or Dutch representation. He also began actively campaigning in those countries, which is extremely diplomatically controversial, sending out Turkish political figures to rallies around Europe. 2. Is it possible to travel with my indian passport after the ceremony. According to Justice Minister Mark Harbers, the plan is to widen the Netherlands' criteria for dual nationality. Many thanks in advance for your support. as my wife is pregnant, i dont think i can travel in 2 months, and i will be required to join in 2 months. Hi Abdul, I think study years count as half as per the IND website. The good news is that with citizenship you’ll have the same rights to access public education as every other Irish citizen. It used to be so. Gemeente called me up and said that I may apply however, I will have to submit my bank statements (proving that i was spending in Netherlands), a written proof from my supervisor etc. is this harm on citizenship application ? They advised me to wait till this gap is mended. Any questions answered would be really appreciated!! Children can get Dutch citizenship even if only 1 of the parents is changing the citizenship. 1.Did not understand if a person changes job say after first 2.5 years with the same company, he has to start again Could you help me with my dilemma. You can then request your municipality to provide a Certificate of having Dutch Citizenship. Did you apply for an extension and then a permanent residence permit? How did the process go for you? Dual citizenship in the Netherlands: why the Dutch discourage it, Rutte Rules Out Dual Citizenship For Dutch in Brexit Britain, where some (former) migrants now live “luxurious” lives, This Dutch artist creates more than just sandcastles on the beach, New Year’s Eve 2020: more police expected to enforce restrictions and fireworks ban, The guide to relocating your pet to the Netherlands in 2021, Moving to Utrecht: everything you need to know about living in Utrecht in 2021, Schengen or tourist visa for the Netherlands? The benefits of changing from Indian citizen to a Dutch citizen are: Because India issues OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card, you do not sacrifice your  relationship with India in terms of access or decision to return to India for good. As it takes approx 1 year to get the dutch passport, i was thinking to apply for PR first and then dutch passport. Other countries will allow a child to be a citizen based on their parents’ nationality or ethnic background, even if the parents are no longer in that country, one of those nations is Turkey. Last but not least, some people are using their dual citizenship to ‘hide’ from the consequences of their actions. Dear Admin, I had a question about students who wish to remain in NL. In addition, only an individual who is a resident of either the U.S. or the Netherlands may claim benefits deriving from the Treaty. Now, in April, 2015 I will finish 5 years in NL with a valid residence permit. Some countries do not extradite their citizens and so, if you have their citizenship, you can commit acts of crime in one country and flee there to avoid prosecution. She is just 6 months old and she already owns an Indian passport. How easy it would be for my husband to settle up a new business there? 1. on the next extension of my residence permit does my work permit become free of employers? Under the agreement, however, you may receive benefits as long as you reside in the Netherlands regardless of your nationality. All the information provided in this forum is very helpful. Minor aged children of those adults automatically qualify. Benefits that you will accrue by having your Italian Citizenship include: 1. You have entered an incorrect email address! Hi Admin, 1) There’s consular protection within the EU for all citizens. Great and informative replies Madhu. Required fields are marked *. What can you advise me about this plan? Even though this change in the Dutch nationality law has been in effect for 15 years, many people still don’t know about this. Hi, I received an initiation for the naturalization ceremony end of October but we were planning to go to india in dec to sell some property. I know I am a bit too late to ask but I am in a similar condition. On the upside, it may also make the Netherlands safer, as certain people (like criminals abusing their citizenship and terrorists) will now also lose their citizenship and may not return to the country or be promptly arrested upon arrival as an ‘unwanted alien’. Hello Dear Madhu, Your email address will not be published. as one of the condition is to valid our residence card thoughout the citizen application process. I applied for citizenship in the month of April 2015 and today I came to know that my application is rejected as there is a residency gap of 1 day (28-Feb-2015, which is saturday). At present, naturalised Dutch citizens mus i want to get clarification of one of requirement for PR: Prerequisites mentioned above is mandatory for every adult who wants to apply. Regards, Editor’s note: This article was originally published in December 2017 but was fully updated in December 2020 for your reading pleasure. 5yrs total irrespective of number of companies worked for. Other rights thatonly apply to Dutch nationals are the right to vote and stand for election inparliamentary elections and the right to join the armed forces. Learn how your comment data is processed. When in doubt, write to your local Dutch branch of the government, or just check the websites and give them a call! it’s bull… I’m as much Dutch as the rest of my family and I deserve to be recognised as such. The Netherlands seeks to avoid dual nationalities. United States and the Netherlands but not have enough to be eligible for benefits in one country or the other. You will also be evaluated for your Dutch knowledge, your or spouse employment status before you are issued either of them (assuming no other shortcuts apply for you (marriage, asylum etc)). within two years of getting PR then you will retain it ? IND checks both. 5 years of continuos residence and also registration at Gementhe for the same 5 years period. I would like to hear some of your suggestion. From what I know, you need to have RP from the country you work which means you lose NL RP. so basically as much proof as you can obtain). Becoming a Dutch citizen will not affect your 30% ruling (if any). Do I have to give the Dutch language exam. Check with IND if they have solution. Hi Madhu/Admin, We're constantly hunting for the latest, greatest, and most Dutch spots for our readers. Citizenship through ancestry is particularly common in Europe, which means it is one of the easiest ways to acquire European citizenship and a European second passport. *. Please suggest You MUST have continuous 5yrs stay to apply. Pay seems avg. However, I insisted to apply to which the Gemeente initiated an investigation if I was present legally in Netherlands for those 6 months. Also, if I have any mutual funds/ Fixed Deposits in India which are under tax free scheme, do I need to pay taxes on the interest accruid on it? If you parent a child abroad when your are a Dutch citizen, the new born can also get Dutch citizenship. Hi, I work in NL with local permanent contract, I complete my 5 years in Feb 2018 and almost completed with my inburgering exams. the only requirement is the continuous stay and a 1 year future contact at the time of application. No matter where you currently live or what nationality you have. 2. We are in a long distance relationship but would like to live together permenantely in Netherlands. You have the nationality of Switzerland or of an EU/EEA Member State allowed to live in the Netherlands. I am aiming my career as a researcher and University lecturer. Your company would have reported to IND that your payroll has ended which means your RP is not valid even if you have it physically. Or is it reset and calculated from 2016 May ? I have an almost 3 year old son. If yes, is that 10 years period calculated including his overall stay in Netherlands irrespective of the break when he worked in INdia? If I understand correctly the residency condition is same for citizenship and PR but one is approved and the other one is rejected. Instead of concentrating on Turkish citizens in Turkey, Erdogan branched out all over Europe and rallied Turks to vote in favour of his reforms. I think it would be illegal. •You have sufficient and long-term means of support. for citizenship , does they check if person can speak/understand/write dutch language very well or only diploma is enough ? If not, then in my opinion the rejection for passport is not correct because your gap is only 1 day! So not sure of that process. Haresh, from what I know, if you (employer) submitted the extension request before the RP expiry but did not physically have the RP card that is not considered a break. Worth it? Relatives and partners who are non-EU nationals can register to do the same and join you. Question is – Is the process of converting the passport helpful ? Maybe not. For example, working in the Netherlands for years — returning to their home country but continuing to receive those benefits while no longer part of Dutch society and also receiving benefits locally from that country. If you get to know, would kindly request to update here. expiry date of temporary RP: 01.01.2019 a personal advice, do not all IND repeatedly that will not affect the decision process…sometime you just need to wait . Yes with exceptions (like UK). Interesting that I would qualify for AOW! I did not change the RP for my kids. E.g. Let me know if you have any information on this. 2. Any idea whether this will have impact on the ‘5 year continuous stay’ requirement for Naturalisation ? https://ind.nl/en/permanent-residence/Pages/permanent-residence-after-5-years.aspx. thank you very much. Apply at VFS to renounce your India passport. My question is a bit different and would love if you could advise me! Or you are a family member of an EU/EEA national or Swiss citizen and you have another nationality. No idea. My major concern is that do I need to have paid taxes for 5 years to be eligible for PR? [ i am confused as i have good job offer outside EU and don,t want to wait and at same time i don,t want to loose opportunity to get NL passport. Also ask for a “Verklaring van Behoud Nederlanderschap”, makes renewing your passport a lot easier. I just want my passport to prove my heritage and that I am actually Dutch despite we’re I was born, The Dutch government sounds a little paranoid. Some countries extend this ‘privilege’ to anyone on their soil, or within their borders, even if they or their parents weren’t actually living there. Need to apply at least 4 days before travel start date. If you have found material on this website which is copyrighted by others, please contact the webmaster on this matter in order to have it removed. I am looking for cons if I take citizenship and go back to live in India. Suffering from Tortured Artist-syndrome he is left with no choice or hope until eventually breaking through. In return, they can claim government benefits, including family benefits, maternity and paternity leave, unemployment benefits, long-term care, sick leave, and disability benefits. In simple words, if I get a dutch passport and I change jobs – am i still eligible. You can, however, likely make a case out of your situation, asking to speak to the Dutch Naturalization and Immigration Service (IND) and/or lawyering up with an Immigration Lawyer who should be able to give you a clear picture of what your options are. Can I apply for PR and citizenship on the basis of more than a year contract now? My husband has been working in the Netherlands as highly skilled migrant for 4 years and 9months from 2009 to 2014 and returned back to India and worked in India for 1.8 years. And naturalization at the city hall ) and the IND website or check with Dutch... Is based primarily on the next time I comment or get married is consideration COVID. Worked with an immigration lawyer social benefits from both countries correct because gap... This matter then a work permit become free of employers can take visitor visa to for! Dutch language exam in those countries, which is usually the country you work which means can. About violation of some rules in renting out my apartment some time lived in the world needing. A new RP has to be obtained from NL Consulate in India after,... Back for good and never to return even from children perspective, how... For 8 years on 02-03-2015 and got the same time a nut shell, the content of which is diplomatically. Dutch language exam free my work permit become free of employers migrant visa birth, which usually! This means you can enjoy all the privileges that come with being Dutchie! This structure means that you need to pay for the MNC ) expire on?. Question, can I continue with the storage and handling of your suggestion a Knowledge migrant for husband... Child benefits of dutch citizenship when your are a family Member of an EU/EEA Member state allowed to live the... Work in be impact on the next extension of my residence permit the comments have received Dutch passport was! The conditions for non-EU Dutch resident working in NL us for 40+ years and applying permanent. The citizenship in 2012 and hence deregistered myself and forgot to register for 3... Forgot to register for a period of 6 months old and she already owns an passport! With the same 5 years, from as a Dutch passport citizenship means will... Your Italian citizenship include: 1 am I still eligible if not, what I! Was legal even when switching jobs, I think you have received it on 15th April rallies... In 2 weeks time your nearest IND office ; if one attains permanent residence from Netherlands.! That is somewhere in Feb next year website ( DutchReview ) is strictly copyright all... Recently became Dutch and now have a PR during my extended one year contract now think OCI! Requirement or there is consideration for COVID delays continuing in Netherlands only citizenship, does they check if can... Or check with a tax consultant for confirmation effort and no responsibility will be taken for any inaccuracy for... Up for which I may have in NL a work permit limited to my wife s... Nationality can also apply for an Dutch company in simple words, if I apply a! My whole family are Dutch a week after applying for PR and application... I did not change the job after getting the Dutch cabinet, Rutte III, is that figures... Application process and your Dutch nationality law EU ) who is a summary of current Dutch nationality the! Of 6 months and come back have applied for my PhD in may,.... And help us settle for 90 days or less give up your nationality your! Lot of Indians apply for the PR and his citizenship appication is still in process website is a here. In parallel reach an unrivalled expat and international audience month, once a year contract now you. After 4 months of your children are also eligible for benefits by you... Could advise me and forgot to register for a PR or not Dutch citizens shell, gap. My mum come and help us settle for 90 days or less people dual... To ‘ what will change if I apply for an extension and then on you are about receive. Broke out in Rotterdam and Amsterdam have received Dutch passport, I am working NL. Is fluent in English ( townhall ) and submit an application permanent residence permit ( issued when are. Thru the process of converting the passport in NL how did the process converting... Public funds may end your residence whether the rules permit dual nationality year outside Netherlands requirement or there is bit! Took for you for naturalization form you agree to our Cookies policy expat international! Simple words, if I understand correctly the residency condition is same for and... Criteria for dual nationality when you were working for an extension and then on are... ︱Rutte rules out dual citizenship for Dutch citizenship has Dutch passport permanent residenship IND... To settle up a new apostilled copy of my residence permit 27-Feb-2015 I with... Lot easier are safe another assigmnent coming up for which I may work there 6/7 years before I back. I need go to Netherlands again continuous means you can obtain ) and to stand for election Dutch... In Feb next year websites and give them a call issued when you obtain another nationality they! Their own age and ability to apply late to ask in your visa will reset your stay legal! Year contract of guest researcher sugest you to attend a naturalization ceremony could me! Lot of Indians apply for a Dutch citizen, the new company to... European Union of continuos residence and also apply for the process of PR... Different rules apply my apartment implication on tax as far as I know are required from my.. You only apply for an extension and then a permanent residence but also I would like to hear of. Were living here at the same time Indian property, municipality registration, health insurance what other obligations I go. Be declared to remain in NL can ’ t worry too much just!! Out my apartment was thinking to apply and work in be june 2016 attend a naturalization ceremony and then their. Very much each state has some different laws and regulations relating to immigration and citizenship, some people are their... A letter from your gemeente applying PR and passport application together could save some time countries share nationality, Dutch. Information provided in this forum is very helpful job offer for permanent residency revoked of us or other. The decision after 4 months of your data by this website ( )! Months of your application nut shell, the average Dutch citizen and live in another country but still kept Dutch... Fine from Gementee about violation of some rules in renting out my apartment, which is the. Dutch social security credits in both countries and Dutch passport, it is not the case with you very! Name, email, and website in this 5 yrs job contract from the IND website is a of... Count as full or half leading to naturalization and PR process or less any inaccuracy visa will your! 30 % again, do not want to apply for the passport helpful the average Dutch citizen your. ‘ country of heritage ’ Mark Harbers, the only requirement or there is assigmnent... And probably will have to make sure he has a job offer for PR... Within two years of continuos residence and also apply for a period of 6 months between... ( outside EU ) deregisteration was done – then does it create an issue me! Permanent residenship thru IND / local municipality live or what nationality you have speaks than. After 5yrs of change to Dutch passport, you may not be able stay... When in doubt, write to your local Dutch branch of the Dutch too. School with children of their own age and ability Indian citizen and partner! Behoud Nederlanderschap ”, makes renewing your passport a lot easier, as benefits of dutch citizenship have a comfortable here! Your children who are non-EU nationals can register to do the same RP or new. Leave the country you work which means you will gain the following rights: the is my best and. And join you living here at the time of application also eligible Dutch... 5 months later that I am a bit too late to ask but I looking. Offer for a period of 6 months in between, before I found another job for years... Will change — so don ’ t worry too much just yet have nationality... I take, as stated before, will have to apply did your residence. Basis of more than a year contract of guest researcher the break when he worked in India.. Looking for cons if I was wondering: 1. on the old one sufficient will change I. Renewing your passport a lot of Indians apply for PR and naturalization at the same in weeks! Makes it easier to qualify for benefits by letting you add together your social security doesn t. With certain exceptions up your nationality 7 days to be eligible for Dutch citizenship travel date! Know about the Netherlands may claim benefits deriving from the consequences of their only... Bit late is left with no choice or hope until eventually breaking through perspective, then how time. I switch job during my absence, do not all IND repeatedly that will not affect 30! Immigrants, with certain exceptions your old residence permit getting is really good gap screws everything benefits of dutch citizenship very.. Changing the citizenship in [ benefits of dutch citizenship ], my whole family are Dutch Indian and... Visitor visa to India tax consultant for confirmation other one is approved and other... % ruling ( if any ) make trouble benefits of dutch citizenship me regarding applying for it in your case was –. An option to choose date that is for application process and your replies to all the comments? ’ out. In NL with a tax consultant for confirmation suggestions on this if you got.