Category Description for Math-U-See Alpha: Major concepts mastered include place value, single-digit addition and subtraction, and solving for the unknown addend. I'm interested in Math-U-See for schools. Math U See uses a hands-on approach to math. Math-U-See Alpha Single Digit Addition & Subtraction Instruction Book, Student Workbook, Test Booklet & DVD Miriam Homer. Shell Education / Trade Paperback. Availability: In Stock. $16.89 Retail: $22.99 Save 27% ($6.10) Add To Cart Add To Wishlist. My eldest doesn't function well with maths if she is smothered by concepts she doesn't fully understand. Math-U-See is a complete K-12 math curriculum focused on homeschool and small group learning environments. Category Description for Math-U-See Alpha: Major concepts mastered include place value, single-digit addition and subtraction, and solving for the unknown addend. Come look through the first four books of Math-u-see with me. South Dakota Add. Jun 15, 2019 - This is an honest Math U See Alpha review. Add to Cart. Do you already have Integer Blocks (or Fraction Overlays for Epsilon),or does the level not require any Manipulatives? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I can say that I am relieved every time we do math. 3.4 out of 5 stars 13. My first grader is off to a great start with the Math U See Alpha curriculum. 1805 Olde Homestead Lane Lancaster, PA 17601 (800) 922-5082. Make Offer - Math U See Alpha Instruction Manual (HARDBACK!) Add to Wish List. Includes American Spirit Instructor's Handbook and Student Pack. Math U See was recommended to me by a friend, and since we started we have never looked back. share. $44.00 #660012 . We guarantee 100% privacy. Our unique instructional approach makes it easier to help student's progress in mastering fundamental math skills and concepts. It may be laminated for long-term use. Math U See Alpha Student TextGrade Level: 1Copyright: 2010 Retail Price: $20.00 'F' ~ Fair. Math-U-See Alpha Student Workbook/Tests (1M16) The Alpha Student Pack contains the Student Workbook with lesson-by-lesson worksheets, systematic review pages, and Application & Enrichment pages as well as Alpha Tests. I preview each lesson and sit beside him while he completes each lesson, but he now feels a level of control over the numbers for the first time in his life. Montana Select State Additional topics include time (hours and minutes), shapes, measurement (length), skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s and 100s, word problems and understanding halves and fourths. Note: If your student is 8 years or older and has previously completed a program that included addition and subtraction fact mastery but has placed in Alpha, consider the Math-U-See A ccelerated I ndividualized M astery (AIM) for Addition & Subtraction program. To use the Online Drills Application: JavaScript must be enabled in your browser You must allow pop-ups from Math-U-See Let your student review their math facts online. Math-U-See is not organized traditionally by grades; the focus is on understanding math concepts. Hardcover. and DVD Excellent Condition! Compra Math-U-See Alpha Student Test Booklet. $11 OFF DEAL. Math is done so much better. Alaska Missouri New Hampshire Math-U-See is a complete, skill-based, multi-sensory mastery curriculum for grades K-12. Mississippi We promise your I read many curriculum reviews, so I wrote this to hopefully help another family make an informed decision. by Miriam Homer. Washington Research shows that frequent, short periods of practice is an effective method for students to retain math facts. Add to Wish List. California Maine Math U See Alpha Instruction Manual (HARDBACK!) Have you determined the proper placement for your student? SKU: 1M16. ยป Learn More, Use our Placement Tool to determine at which level your student should begin. Designed to teach students specific skills in a definite, logical sequence, this systematic and cumulative approach will help students learn how to solve math problems and discover why they're solved in such a way.