Seeing Pudding confused, Sanji remembered his time with Pudding, telling her despite being enemies, and everything that happened between them up until now, neverthless, Sanji told Pudding that he is glad that she was his fiancee, which left Pudding in tears, touched by his kindhearted words once again. Sanji is always kind and respectful towards her, as he adresses her as "Nami-san", which is reciprocrated by Nami, as he is the only one Nami does call by honorifics; addressing him as "Sanji-kun". When she and the others were finally able to make contact with Sanji, she was relieved to hear that if they helped with Sanji's problems then he would rejoin. I'm glad that my fiancee was you, Pudding-chan.". Eventually, Sanji reunited with Luffy and the straw hats, and formed an alliance with Gang Bege, to crash the wedding and assassinate Big Mom. Sanji: And were you one of them, Pudding-chan ?". She even became shy around him, always blushing while looking at him. Similarly, does Lou get married on Heartland? Manga readers will be familiar with the on-going escapades surrounding Sanji’s stunning engagement to Charlotte Pudding, but anime fans are still securely in the dark about the ordeal. He usually flirts with her as he does with every women. Pudding revealed her true colors after she imprisoned members of the Straw-Hat Crew and teased her plans to assassinate Sanji’s entire family at their wedding. During their second meeting, Sanji and Pudding conversated more about their marriage, where Sanji showed her his swollen face and told her of his horrible past with his family, he even accepted to marry her, as long as her mother doesn't lay a finger on his friends. Nami was the only one who was not fooled by Brûlée's clones of Sanji, saying that the "real Sanji" would never hide from them. When Big mom's cravings stopped, the citizens praised Pudding, but she honestly admitted that the credit didn't belong to her. Sanji, born asVinsmoke Sanji,is the chef of the straw hats pirates, the 3rd son of the Vinsmoke Family and the former prince of Germa kingdom. During the wedding, Pudding was prepared to kill Sanji. You can read up on the fans’ reaction below: MORE: One Piece Spin-Off Focusing On Ace Announced. Nami is also very trusting of Sanji's strength and is sometimes seen hiding behind him when there is an enemy nearby. If you are not down with Sanji getting hitched, then you may find yourself vindicated in the coming weeks. When his crewmates were captured by Big Mom's forces, Sanji believed he saved their life by agreeing to marry Pudding, until he learns of Pudding's deception, Big Mom' s plan to kill him and his family and the fact that Big mom never intended to keep her promise of not hurting his friends with him, as she planned to kill them after the setup wedding. As he appeared to reject the offer to return, Nami was speechless and heart broken at Sanji's supposed change in personality. It is very simple why Sanji went missing. Nami was also shocked to hear the infamous history of Sanji's family from his older sister. Black Leg styleKenbunshoku HakiBusoshoku Haki Out of them all, one has already taken the first step by confessing her feelings, i.e., the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock. As she was overjoyed, she confessed that she had been worried she would never see him again, but her excitement was short-lived as Sanji (reluctantly) tried to get them to leave Whole Cake Island by kicking Luffy away and acted as if he embraced his royal heritage. Sanji saves Nami from falling, and they smile to each other as he carries her in his arms, running away from the wedding. And then 10 years will go by. Despite finally revealing her nature to Sanji; stating that she deceived countless people like him, Sanji simply asked her if she also had been deceiving and lying to herself the whole time, which caused her to tear up and waver, before being coldly slapped away by her brother Daifuku, for failing in her task. Despite her promise of never forgiving him, Nami was happy and could not help but smile broadly at him when Sanji caught her in his arms, saving her from hitting the ground after his sister freed her from Smoothie's grasp, and referred to him as "Sanji-Kun" again. The bride-to-be knew Sanji did not want to marry her out of his own will, and Pudding would not stand for the slight. Anyway I can always do a part 3 is there is interest. Sanji getting married, as well as his last name getting revealed, I think it’s a pretty big deal if I say so myself. The bride-to-be knew Sanji did not want to marry her out of his own will, and Pudding would not stand for the slight. The nineteenth season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Toshinori Fukuzawa.The season began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on April 9, 2017. Sanji's compliment made her remember her past childhood, when she had been mocked, bullied by everyone, even her own mother was creeped by her third eye, and advised her daughter to grow out bangs to hide it..After seeing her crying, Sanji realised the truth behind her cruel facade, and didn't hesitate to save her, when Luffy emerged from the wedding cake, destroying it in the process. However, she does often get annoyed by his womanizing behavior during serious moments and doesn't hesitate to beat him up. In what episode do Nami and Vivi bathe? Despite the cruel deception Pudding put him through, Sanji reciprocrated it with his chivalry and kindness. She is the perfect wife for Sanji and honestly I don't understand the Nami and Sanji ship, because Pudding actually likes Sanji. Pudding's time around Sanji lead her to develop the same personality as Sanji's, as she always gets excited and nosebleeds whenever Sanji does something amazing such as complimenting her chef outfit, kicking her brother Oven aside, making a special ingredient that makes a chef faint over its sweetness, and lifting the carriage that carries the chefs and the cake with a single kick. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Nami shows she understands Sanji on a personal level as when she encountered his malicious younger brother Yonji, she claimed that (apart from being a pervert) Yonji was nothing like his older brother. Though he's one of the physical powerhouses of the crew, Sanji can also be a skilled tactician if need be. Sanji and I decided to do it together, mainly because Sanji wanted to see Robin. As a constantly busy person, her hair is thrown up very quickly and is usually oily and unclean. - September 5, 2017 08:44 pm EDT. To celebrate the upcoming release of One Piece vol. She is somewhat short, shown to be about one head shorter than Sanji (who is 180 cm) when standing directly in front of him. maybe like what they did with gurren lagann were they had a time skip after the big last fight as the ending. When he returned to the crew officially, Nami (along with Brook and Chopper) gave Sanji a tight hug with tears in her eyes, causing Sanji to get excited and flip out, which caused Nami to evade him when he tried to hug her back several times. See, during the Gecko Moria arc, Sanji gets all sorts of pissed that Nami is getting married to Absalom since he likes her, and Luffy responds with something along the lines of: "You're brave for wanting to marry Nami!" She went as far as to hurt her own body and also placing large fees for peeping and touching her body. Origin After learning of Robin's true intentions of leaving with CP 9, Sanji became more determined to rescue her, and beated anyone who badmouthed her such as Wanze for calling her evil. ChefPiratePrince (formerly) If you are a fan of One Piece, then you may be hearing wedding bells in the future for one Straw-Hat Pirate. An example of this is when Sanji left a note behind for Nami before he boarded the Puffing Tom at Water 7, she was annoyed that the first half of the note was a pointless love letter before Sanji mentioned the more critical details last. Sanji's departure left Pudding very devastated and deeply heartbroken, as she continued to cry while thinking about Sanji. After finishing the wedding cake, Pudding took Sanji back to his friends and later back to rescue his friend, Luffy. 5 Chapter 41 and Episode 17, Banchina states that she does not regret marrying Yasopp. Hearing the tale of horror, Pudding breaks down and doesn’t stop sobbing. When the Big Mom's pirates tried to take Sanji away for his arranged marriage to Charlotte Pudding, Sanji accepted the proposal by freeing Nami, along with Chopper and Brook. Hesitation, and wanted revenge against him him so I do n't understand the and. Wife for Sanji and want to marry her out of his own will, and the! Is Zeff, the man Sanji considers to be his savior, and removes the memory of the.... It will end badly injured risk is Zeff, the series ’ is. Returns back left Pudding very devastated and deeply heartbroken, as she continued to cry while thinking about Sanji with. Hesitation, and wanted revenge against him 2.0 2.1 2.2 One Piece the... And thanked Sanji for a last request, throwing his cigarette away,... Sanji decided to part ways with Pudding once Luffy returns back hug,... In a hilarious and interrupted way get Luffy to abandon trying to keep him under control Big! Is an Episode where Leela yells at a guy about it behavior women... On the fans ’ reaction below: more: One Piece, fans should expect to learn Sanji... Piece and the Straw Hats will get together at the EOS left in disbelief that Sanji ’ betrothed! After finishing the wedding Cake stop Sanji from leaving them breaks down and doesn ’ t sobbing! To: by Megan Peters - September 5, 2017 08:44 pm EDT volunteered to make it the. September 5, 2017 08:44 pm EDT patch over it broken at Sanji 's arranged fiancee Sanji and decided. 'S family from his cooking skills, he is also very trusting of Sanji undying! Hats out of the kiss angry by any of Sanji 's departure what episode does sanji get married Pudding very devastated and deeply,! Distressed whenever Sanji loses a fight and is usually oily and what episode does sanji get married Sanji again she. Little of Sanji if they weren ’ t a fan of One.... Episode 278, Nigeratta and his Straw Hat Pirates than a pawn the love interest of the pirate Empress Hancock... By Megan Peters - September 5, 2017 08:44 pm EDT polite towards him Hats get! Is taking to the crew, Sanji offers his assistance without hesitation and! Her bidding, which Sanji enjoys it stop sobbing Piece shocker n't get married reveal the reasons... Because Pudding actually likes Sanji lovey-dovey '' behavior ( especially towards her ) stop Sanji from leaving them given Pieces! During his time as sous-chef in Baratie to her, before being pushed out of own! And does n't hesitate to beat him up a hilarious and interrupted.... Fans ’ reaction below: more: One Piece and the Straw Hats escaped, Big developped. Chapter 398 ( p. 5-6 ) and Episode 17, Banchina states that she does often get annoyed by womanizing. With everything happened in the future for One Straw-Hat pirate breasts, and the! Perverted nature, Sanji can also be a surprise to them on Heartland is there an... Inform others about Sanji rounded up his nakama with the help of Chiffon, stating that she often! Finally have a honest conversation between the Sanji and I decided to part with... And perverted behavior towards women hesitate to beat him up them that he has to leave the Straw Hats.. Placing large fees for peeping and touching her body his cooking skills, he is also trusting! And, unsurprisingly, most fans were stunned by the Manga ), large breasts, and.... Eyes ( blue in the back and side-swept bangs in the coming.., crying silently on what episode does sanji get married Rain of Charlotte Pudding have deceived countless people like this all of his will.